How Jo Tae Kwon would have confessed to Lee Seon Ok in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

MBC’s Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo final episode fast forwarded to 2 years later right before their graduation ceremony in Haneul Sports University. Thankfully, everybody receive their happy ending just like what we fans have been wanting right from the start and there is that perfect ending for our favorite swag couple that calls for a convention of all the ants from the universe to the show’s finale.

Moving on to what this blog post is about, I have noticed that after hinting that there is “a thing” between Bok Joo’s bff Seon Ok and Joon Hyung’s friend and roommate, Tae Kwon, their romance remained vague as if to focus on the our main couple love story.

But do you ever wonder how Tae Kwon’s confession would have been if ever it happened? Did Seon Ok accepted or rejected him? I would love it if she do accepted him. Well, how about our Nan Hee?


Here’s my version of the story:

Seon Ok-ah!” 

Seon Ok upon hearing Tae Kwon call her name, halted for a moment. 

Flashback of him attempting to hold her hand and the thing that happened in the movie theater flashes right before her. Embarrassed, she covered her head and put on her jacket’s hoodie as she prepares to leave as if she doesn’t hear him calling. 

Knowing this would have happened, Tae Kwon rushes to her and forcefully make her face him while holding unto her shoulders in case she runs away.

You! Don’t pretend as if you don’t hear me. Don’t pretend that you don’t know that I like you as well.

Seon Ok swallowed and look to her right, maybe…, to avoid his gaze.

Tae Kwon releases her and said looking down, “I’m not expecting anything at all, but..” he again raises his head and look her in the eyes and say, “Let me tell you again… I..lik…

I like you, too!” Seon Ok says stopping Tae Kwon from finishing his sentence.

Actually…”, Seon Ok is hesitating as she talks.

Ah! Mo-lla (I don’t know).” 

Nan Hee… says…she..” Seon Ok says as if explaining why she had not reciprocated his feeling yet.

Tae Kwon put her to a stop by placing his index unto her lips and said, “ I already heard what I wanted to hear. You don’t need to explain.” And smiles brightly just like how he always do. He then shyly blushes when he realizes that Seon Ok is staring at him.



Where’s the kiss?”           

*[ “WHAAAAAT?” is what we hear from the background 😀 ]

Tae Kwon is obviously taken aback.

But Seon Ok continues saying, “Shouldn’t we be kissing right now? Bok Joo said that when Joon Hyung confesses to her, he kisses her and..

Should we be doing that already?” Tae Kwon is still flustered.

Should we not?” she asks innocently then suddenly realizes how bold her statement was. 

She wishes to turn into a big bubble right then  because she should have not told him that, ‘to kiss her’ and says defensively, “No. No, forget it..” 

But Tae Kwon never heard those words anymore because he kisses her already. Happy, Seon Ok pauses the kiss to look at her lover’s face and kisses him back as she wraps her arms around his neck.


Then this photo would have followed…


Thanks for reading until the end.



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4 thoughts on “How Jo Tae Kwon would have confessed to Lee Seon Ok in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

  1. Thank you so much for that it made my heart flutter and I am crying right now A LOT… I feel like they should deserve a lot more screen time and I really wanted to see their relationship start but oh well…:(:(


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