[K Drama Review] Shopping King Louis (2016)

I , myself, once said that if fate does permits, I am going to marry Seo In Guk. I may be aiming too high for a statement to make but then, I am just crazily smitten like a cat. To the point of browsing the net overnight.


Enough fangirling over Seo In Guk, this drama, “Shopping King Louis” can be considered one of the reasons why I am sooooo into In Guk-씨 for years.

You probably won’t be hooked to this drama show right from the get go but the show will suddenly gets interesting in the following episodes, enough to give you small heart attacks everytime the leads are on screen. You’ll feel like Louis is calling you right into his arms saying,


“Here! Come to Oppa.”

Something, I must say, that is worth the wait.seo-in-guk_1477069448_af_org

Louis, the over-protected grandson of the Gold Group Chairwoman is a bubbly 25-year old with a child-like demeanor. He gets over the loneliness of being friendless through shopping, which literally exceeds the limit of normal shopping addiction, hence gaining the nickname, “Shopping King Louis”. Lucky, he gets someone who understands and liked him at some point, Butler Kim.


Fastforwarding to the key point of the story, Louis came back to Korea from France after so many years of being secluded, only to get into an accident which ’caused people close to him think he was dead.

Meanwhile, here’s comes Bok Shil from the countryside looking for his brother, mistaken at a glance with the now amnesiac Louis because of the infamous jacket he was wearing.

Louis then sticks to her like glue who spends money like there is no tommorrow.

Mind you, Louis is adorably cute as the the guy he is now, you might find yourself saying , “Oh, cute!” like 5x every episode.


Who else could pull off being cute while eating sandwich, but Seo In Guk.

That’s it for the start of the crazy light-hearted rom-com as Louis spends by shopping or by getting conned, from which Bok Shil gets annoyed and the eventual romance that is yet sad but is so pure.

See the couple who have just enough to get this 80’s look as a couple’s perm.


Louis and Bok Shil gets curly.

Halfway through the drama, you’ll find yourself wishing you are Bokshil and might want to start a journey to find your brother, though he probably won’t be missing right now.

Watch out for the Butlers Kim and Heo loveline, Mr. Cha’s tsundere personality, as well as In Sung, Mari and the members of the gang who are a whole bunch of added fun.

Get crazy for the funniest evil plan fails by Mr. Baek, sabogate as always by his wife, Jae Suk.


Happy watching!


6 thoughts on “[K Drama Review] Shopping King Louis (2016)

  1. Nope. Not yet. I have just searched it and found out that it was from the early works of Kim Rae Won. Gonna be checking that one out 😀

    Btw, the girl in that drama is from Gangwon-do Province right? Bok Shil in SKL is also from there. Maybe, its a common name in that province 😀


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    • I really don’t know how to react. May I take that as a compliment? 😄

      I’m a certified K Drama trash you know and I really love writing so maybe that is why.

      No prob. I assure you, I won’t change this writing style 🙂

      Thanks! Happy to know that you like this blog ❤


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