Korean Sageuk Movies to binged on the New Year Countdown

It might be too mild and unusual for a premiere blog post, but I did it anyway. Not that I do not mind at all, but because I am not  even sure if anyone’s gonna mind  reading this mediocre post.

New Year is coming and you might find waiting for the  midnight countdown too loooooooooong for a night out. Many times, without much fight, sleep took over and get us to miss our much awaited start of the year.


So much for watching again actors and actresses enjoying themselves in a TV channel countdown. So this 2017, for a change, why won’t you try Korean Sageuks instead? Given that a movie is short, you’ll have the freedom to budget your time before the clock strike twelve. Yay!

And along with that, you’ll get to enjoy the beauty of Korean history while reminiscing what  happened for the past whole year.

To those who have already watched these movies, there is no harm in watching it over and over again. For the record, I watched these with my family and is highly recommended even by my Mom.

War of Arrows, 2011

(Hangul: 최종병기 활; RR: Choejongbyeonggi Hwal; lit. “Arrow: The Ultimate Weapon”)


Not the typical  movie you will watch for an eye candy lead, but this movie definitely steal the top spot of my recommendation list. It is not unusual because besides garnering the best of awards, this film was the highest grossing  in 2011.

Don’t you worry gals ’cause even though the main lead, Park Hae-il  wasn’t in your now long list of pretty boy korean leads, he definitely nailed the hunter-archer role as Nam-yi. The cold but caring brother to her pretty little sister, Ja-in, the sole female character in the movie played by none other than Moon Chae-won (Innocent Man, Princess Man)


If you are into fast-faced combat sequences and seeks a great movie with  arrows flying in insane directions, this film will definitely satisfy your hunger for period action for the whole week.


And for a bonus package, Ja-in’s husband, Seo-goon (Kim Mu-yeol) and the Prince of Manchu (Park Ki-Woong) are both well, let say…. swoon worthy “chakan namjas”.

Seo-goon, Kim Mu-yeol
Prince Dorgon, Park Ki-woong

The Magician, 2015

(Hangul: 조선마술사; RR: Joseonmasoolsa; lit. “Joseon Magician”)


I liked Go Ara’s antics in the roles she played so far and she definitely had a chemistry with our pretty boy next door, Yoo Seung-ho. Yeah, it is one of the famous, noona-dongsaeng pairing in Korea nowadays but meh, Yoo Seung-ho’s overflowing charisma filled in the 3-year age gap.



And hola chinggus, no need to tell, Yoo Seung-ho look stunning in blue eyes or I must say…, blue eye? So few movies feature heterochromia unlike in japanese animes and though you’ll see it for like just few seconds of the film, it is something we , Seung-ho fanatics must see in this lifetime. After all, this film is his comeback after his military enlistment.


Plus you can get to watch Hwan Hee ( Seung-ho) do magic tricks and be free to  guess what really happened in the end like we always used-to when watching open-ended films.


Ooops! So much for a little spoiler. So to stop myself from spilling the beans, let’s move on to the next film,

Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River, 2016

(Hangul: 봉이 김선달; RR: Bongyi Kim Seondal)


Another Yoo Seung Ho movie to look forward to. It was released early this year and I think one of the few that sells a lot in the Korean film market this year. Yoo Seung Ho’s witty and resourceful character in this movie beats his previous role in “The Magician” but then, perfectly maintains the happy-go-lucky charisma of his role from the previous movie.

Plus, you’ll definitely don’t wanna miss to see Seung-ho in traditional hanbok acting lady-like just to con an easy falling nobleman in the film.


Another guy to look forward to in this movie is none other than,


Yes. Xiumin of EXO! Though, our KPOP Idol probably gets little screen time than most of the main cast and you won’t probably see him in the much awaited happy ending, the brotherly love between him and Seung-ho is something to look forward to. Who would have thought this baby boy is older than our already baby Seung-ho?


And to my friend who is head over heels for Yeon Woo Jin (Marriage not Dating, When a Man Falls in Love) you’ll also get to see a glimpse of  him wearing the infamous King’s robe cause for a change, he will play the role of the King. Of course, I won’t be putting screencap of Woo-jin here so you’ll check him out instead and end up watching the movie, too.

Now, my time to sit and relax.




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